Drug Addiction in Indian Youth

Drug addiction is a major problem that has been increasing especially among our country today. Road accident, Driver under influence of drugs or alcohol, Boy killed parents for not giving money, Democracy, Physical Violence against women etc these are the lines repeatedly hit on the news-paper. Most of the people are often to use alchocal. They are not able to understand why, where or how other people often addicted to drugs.  It is complex disease and makes life more complicated. There are many reasons to take drug abuse by a person.

Nowadays, mostly teenagers pick up these bad habits under rival pressure. On the other  hand, youngsters addicted it’s because of emotional reasons, depression, low self-confidence or respect, mind escape from stress,abonden feelings, issues in families and so on. Bad parenting is also a reason for starting alcohol some time. From these all reasons are change into habit in human being life. Even if they want to throw out of their habits but it’s not easy for everyone. We are greatly influenced by the society around us.  It is not only a harmful for our health as well as their own goals or dreams are also affected with this problem.

In addition some other reasons like; loosing job, addicted person having not any good friend and relatives so that they can easily share their feelings and problems with them. It is very dangers for our body today we can see many youngsters are dying because of this problem. Currently there are different types of drug addiction:-

  • Injections
  • Tobacco
  • Smoking
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Smack etc.

It is very harmful for health if any person is addicted to any of this type which we discuss before then that person had suffered to dangerous diseases like: cancer, blood pressure, heart attack, they are loosing their own weight ,smashing of teeth, damage to brain and behave like mental and so on. Simply we can say that it is the reason of human death. Government had opened many hospitals and center in our society. This helps us to leave and how to handle suffering that problem. In big cities not only gents or boys are addicted to stimulant there after some girls are also taking injection, drinking alcohol in late night’s parties and Bar etc. It also gives very bad effect on our culture.

In spite of if any of you and your friend relative has a problem of narcotic then firstly facing your weakness without minimizing problem, ready to make change in their own life to seek help. Don’t try to go alone otherwise again very easy to get discouragement and you said to yourself “this is last time just one more” On that stage we need our family members, close friends, good therapists, counselors, health care center. Physicians should teach them how to prevent and avoid evil and how to lead a normal healthy life. They should read to moral articles, books, magazines which helpful for keen patient.

After all this our film industry are also helpful to solve this problem. Many directors are making movies on social issues. Just like currently release movie “Udta Punjab” to described us how to tackle this problem  6th river of Punjab i.e. drugs and alcohol. So in Crux I observe this thing very clearly to be helping hand towards trying to educate to students on the effect of addiction.  I just hope and prayed to God everyone live their life without this poison. Every person should fight against this topic.

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