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Recreation is the activity of leisure. Leisure means free time, have no work to do. The need to do something interesting, everyone has Human Biology and psychological activity. Recreation activity consists of activities of enjoyment, pleasure or removing tiredness and burden. People spent their daily life in working, sleeping, social duties. There is more burden of work on the mind of people. Because 8-10 hours of daily life are spent on work. Burden may be of high rank job, work load, unhappiness from work and no support of other subordinates or any wrong activity like fraud. For removing burden or pressure of work, people spent weekend with recreational activities. They enjoy movies, music, games etc.

Modern era, watching movie and listening music are two activities which play important role in lesser the pressure of work from mind. Basically employed people go to watch a movie with family & friends to enjoy holidays. But modern time is time of technology. Technology is hub of online entertainment sources. Various persons used this hub for entertainment by sitting in home. There are many social websites which helps in fulfilling recreational activities. Social websites provides services free of cost to users. These websites provide free downloading of music files, movie files, software etc. Some websites named as,,,, etc provides many services related to it.

There is one website named Filmywap which provided all these services to us. It is started in October 2011. It provides free downloading of music, videos & movies files to users. This social website has all types of music files, so that user can easily download music file easily without any difficulty. Basically visitor download Hindi & Punjabi music files because it is mostly prefer by north region. This site has three categories such as music section, video section & movie section. But user uses maximum for downloading movies. It provides downloading option of every movie in quality of 3gp, mp4, mp4 (480p) and mp4 (720p). User can view sample of every movie before downloading. In old time it has only movies section but recently owner add music & videos section also. Under movie section following categories are displayed: –

Bollywood Movies: – Bollywood is Indian famous film industry which releases new movies every week of month. It covers all over world and entertains the people. This social site provides Bollywood movies which are released every week with fast updating of movies. This site has place in top 5 sites of fast updating of movies. All movie whether old & new all are available at one place. User can search any movie with its search engine. Bollywood movies section divided under three categories:-

  1. New Bollywood Movies: – all new movies are updated under this section related to 2015-16.
  2. Old Bollywood Movies: – all Movies before 2015 are available under this link.
  3. Requested Movies: – Social site has option of requested zone refers user can request any movie with own choice & team upload this movie on request of user in reasonable time.
  4. Punjabi movies: – Punjabi film industry has great part in movie industry of India. Many Punjabi movie take position in box office such as carry on jatta, sardarji,  kaptaan, Love Punjab etc. All Punjabi movies are available in Filmywap social site. This section also three categories: –
  5. New Punjabi Movies: – All New Punjabi Movies of 2015-2016 are downloaded from this link.
  6. Old Punjabi Movies: – Movies before year of 2015 can be downloading from this link.
  7. Requested Zone: – This section has the movies which are uploaded on the choice of users.
  8. Hollywood Dubbed & English Movies: – Hollywood is called for U.S film & Television industry because it is historical & cultural studio of U.S. It provides all Hollywood movies in different languages like English, Hindi dubbed or realize in any other country languages. This section also three categories: –
  9. New Hollywood Movies: – New Hollywood Movies of 2015-2016 are downloaded from this link.
  10. Old Hollywood Movies: – Movies before 2015 can be downloading from this link. It may be in dual audio, English etc.
  11. Requested Zone: – This section is uploaded on the choice of users.
  12. All Indian Movies: – under this section all movies of other region such as south Indian, Tamil, and Kannada are uploaded. These Region film industries release various movies related to traditional culture, action, romantic etc. Now a days there famous movies are dubbed in Hindi language and release in all over the India.
  13. Blue Ray DVD Rip HD Movies: – Movies having HD quality are uploaded under this link. Movies are update late under this because HD print of movie is viral over internet after some days of release date of movie.DVD Rip HD quality of movie is mostly use for play movie on wide screen of LED, Projector etc.

At Last we can say that Filmywap social website is full package of movies of all categories, user can download movie at any time without any cost with effective quality. If you are thinking to download any movie, should prefer

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